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Sugar prices

You can find the latest sugar prices by consulting either our Vesper Price Index or by looking at the Global Commodity Prices chart located on your custom Vesper dashboard. Our platform offers prices ranging from anhydrous ethanol and hydrous ethanol to white sugar and cocoa. The prices displayed in our Vesper Prices Index are average DAP (delivered-at-place) prices and are updated once a week.

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Sugar prices forecast

Use Vesper’s commodity forecasting page to challenge prices and reduce costs. Our forecasts predict how world sugar prices will develop up to 6 months forward. Our predictions are based on futures contracts sugar nr. 5, 11, and 16 and on non-sugar-related data like weather conditions and production rates. Our 100% computer-generated forecasts are generated using state-of-the-art techniques, including mathematical and deep learning models.

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Sugar trends

Vesper collects and stores valuable data enabling you to stay up-to-date on the latest sugar trends. Whether you are interested in stock levels, prices, production, weather, valorisation, or other sugar industry trends, Vesper has it all! The Vesper platform includes in-depth market analysis reports, including trends from the largest sugar producers in the EU, Brazil, Thailand, and India.

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Sugar News

Located on our news page are articles published by our partner Chinimandi, who offers you the latest and more accurate information on sugar. Founded in 2018, Chinimandi has since become India’s largest news aggregator for the industry as it provides worldwide insights on sugar prices, stocks, imports and exports, or trends.

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