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Use our Vesper Price Index, a price created and published exclusively by Vesper, to improve your negotiation skills and choose the best buying strategy.

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“Vesper is an excellent benchmark for buyers to double-check whether the quotes they get represent the market.”

Yue Li
Market Intelligence Manager Danone


Reliable prices

The Vesper Price Index is updated daily or weekly, depending on the commodity of your interest. The prices are derived by calling multiple buyers, sellers and traders within the industry. To ensure prices are representative of the market, the final price published is the mode, the most recurring number of the prices received. Besides daily and weekly prices, we also publish monthly average prices (the average of all prices published in a calendar month) to compare contract prices easily.


A comprehensive overview

Our global presence has allowed us to publish prices for Western and Eastern Europe, Germany, Benelux, France, the UK, Oceania, the USA, and Latin America. The Vesper Price Index has been a great addition for countries that do not have an official source, making us a platform that brings transparency to a market that was very non-transparent. Our connections worldwide are expanding daily, so turn on your notifications to be notified as soon as new data is available!



View how prices have changed compared to the week or month before by either checking the WOW or the MOM box in the Vesper Price Index widget. If you want to check out how prices have evolved over a larger period, simply alter the time period for which you view the graph. Our Price Comparison widget additionally allows you to quickly compare the prices between multiple countries and products to make the best buying strategy.


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With the Vesper mobile app, you can easily access the Vesper Price Index and use it to improve your negotiation strategy and make informed decisions, no matter where you are.

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