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“Here you can find insights about commodity market trends that help to explain price movements.”

Jean Claude Hakizimana
Strategic Sourcing Analyst Africa Improved Foods

300 + Data updates done each 24 hours
45 % Less time wasted with collecting data
90 +% Accurate forecasting by AI and machine learning

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Vesper writes its own market analysis. Every week stay tuned with the latest information and price drivers. It is a combination of what we see and hear in the market, we use input from producers, traders and buyers to publish this analysis.



We have started collaborations with multiple research institutions and companies who provide our users with monthly analysis reports. The reports are published exclusively on Vesper and give you the latest insider information about the international commodity market to better help you understand certain price movements.


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Stay updated on the go with our market analyses, providing you with an unbiased view of the market. Our valuable insights and global market trends are accessible anytime, anywhere with the mobile app.

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