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Your calculation page is an easy to understand straight forward calculator. Use our pre-set formulas with production costs integrated to easily understand pricing models in the market.

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“The calculation sheets are very helpful to our traders. Of course we have some calculation tools of our own, these are however not as straightforward.”

Tim Pilon
Global Head of Derivatives Trading Numidia

300 + Data updates done each 24 hours
45 % Less time wasted with collecting data
90 +% Accurate forecasting by AI and machine learning

Straight forward formulas

Take the number crunching out of your day. Make use of pre-set formulas, specified to the industry, for more relevant and accurate calculations.


Pricing discovery

Be in the know and in control. Confidently make informed decisions on what is right. Not what feels right. Use our calculation page to understand price movement and create your own strategy based on data.


Complex made easy

Data that’s easy on the eye is also easy to understand. Save time trawling formulas and spreadsheets with a simple view of complex calculations on one single space.

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