We’re building the most comprehensive and user friendly commodity intelligence platform

With commodities transforming on a global scale, the need for real- time market data is in demand. Sure, a volatile market might keep the industry interesting. But it doesn’t have to keep you guessing. With Vesper, it’s not your job to analyse every market move across the globe, it’s ours.

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Our mission

Delivering the best possible commodity intelligence with the best user experience, everyday, everywhere


Our vision

Empowering people to make a positive impact by redefining commodity intelligence

Vespers milestones & highlights


Vesper raised €5 million in a seed round led by venture studio Slimmer AI.


Vesper reaches 1000 users worldwide.


First launch of Vesper

Our values

We Lead. We Learn. We Empower.

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Our culture

Young and energetic, we thrive to make the best experience for all our users

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