Dairy trends

Identify potential market changes and stay ahead of the game by looking at dairy trends on the Vesper platform

Vesper collects and stores valuable data enabling you to stay up to date on the latest dairy trends. Whether you are interested in stock levels, prices, production, weather, valorisation or other dairy industry trends, Vesper has it all! Our data is reliable and has been calculated through market research in collaboration with producers. These commodities trends are also some of the ingredients for our Vesper forecast section/ tool.

Vesper also publishes market analysis reports, including insider information about the international Dairy industry, that can be found on our market analyses page. The reports are written by our partners The Dairy Market Analyst, NZX and Eucolait and are published on a monthly basis, exclusively on Vesper. Vesper also publishes its own bi-weekly Vesper highlights on Butter | SMP | WMP, Whey and Cheese, which are based on input from producers, traders and buyers.

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