Milk Prices

View global milk prices under our Global Milk Prices chart, located on your Vesper Dashboard

Find the latest raw milk prices and/or organic milk by consulting either our Vesper Price Index or by looking at the Global Milk Prices chart located on your custom Vesper dashboard. The Vesper Price Index (Ex Works, excl. VAT) offers you the latest dairy market prices for a range of categories including cheeses, commodities, ingredients, liquids and milk components. The index includes raw milk prices for the Benelux, Germany and France and is published every Wednesday. The milk prices are derived by calling multiple producers, buyers and traders within the dairy industry (a minimum of 15 per product). The published price is the mode (the most recurring number) of the milk prices collected. We are constantly adding new milk prices to our Vesper Price Index to create the most comprehensive overview of the global dairy market.

Alongside our own Vesper Price Index, we also publish public global milk prices pulled from official sources. This data is also updated on a weekly basis and can be found under the Global Milk Prices chart on your Vesper Dashboard. Our platform shows you milk prices for a large range of countries. Vesper pulls its information from sources such as MAGyP, CEPEA, NAHS & CFIA, the EU Commission, ALIC, FSSS, USDA and INALE.

Our calculations page lets you calculate the milk price based on different commodities such as butter & SMP, WMP, Gouda & SWP and Mozzarella & SWP. Alongside this we also have cost price calculations and a Valorization table. The default prices on the calculation page are updated every Wednesday with the most recent prices from our Vesper Price Index.

Use Vesper’s milk price forecast to challenge prices and reduce costs. Our predictions are based on all the data that Vesper collects from different sources, including dairy related as non-dairy related data. We use several state of the art techniques, including mathematical and deep learning models, making our commodity price forecast one of the most accurate in the market.

View milk futures prices in our futures section, with a real time connection to both the EEX and NZX, and also access to CME futures prices.

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