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View the latest cheese prices by consulting our own Vesper Price Index and sign up for our bi-weekly Cheese Highlights to stay on top of recent and future cheese trends

Find the latest cheese prices by consulting either our Vesper Price Index or by looking at the Global Commodity Prices chart located on your custom Vesper dashboard. The Vesper Price Index (Ex Works, excl. VAT) offers you the latest dairy market prices for a range of categories including ingredients, liquids, milk components, commodities and cheeses. The cheese prices are published every Wednesday evening CET for a wide range of regions, including Western Europe, UK, Oceania, Latin America and the US.The cheese market prices are derived by calling multiple producers, buyers and traders within the dairy industry (a minimum of 15 per product). The published price is the mode (the most recurring number) of the cheese prices collected. We are constantly adding new cheese market prices to our Vesper Price Index to create the most comprehensive overview of the global dairy market.

Use Vesper’s cheese price forecast to challenge prices and reduce costs. Our predictions are based on all the data that Vesper collects from different sources, including dairy related as non-dairy related data. We use several state of the art techniques, including mathematical and deep learning models, making our cheese price forecast one of the most accurate in the market.

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Tip: if you are interested in following the developments concerning cheese, then sign up for our Cheese Highlights we send out bi-weekly. It’s a bit about what we see and hear in the market for Mozzarella, Cheddar and Gouda. We use input from producers, traders and buyers to publish this analysis. If you wish to receive it by mail send a request at

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