Dairy prices

View the latest dairy prices by consulting our own Vesper Price Index or the Global Commodity Prices on your Vesper dashboard

Find the latest dairy prices by consulting either our Vesper Price Index or by looking at the Global Commodity Prices chart located on your custom Vesper dashboard. The Vesper Price Index offers you the latest dairy market prices for a range of categories including cheeses, commodities, ingredients, liquids and milk components. The index includes 63 prices for Western and Eastern Europe, Germany, Benelux, France, UK, Oceania, USA and Latin America, and is published every Wednesday. The dairy prices are derived by calling multiple producers, buyers and traders within the dairy industry (a minimum of 15 per product). The published price is the mode (the most recurring number) of the dairy prices collected. We are constantly adding new dairy market prices to our Vesper Price Index to create the most comprehensive overview of the global dairy market.

Alongside our own Vesper Price Index, we also publish public dairy prices - dairy commodity prices pulled from official sources. This dairy data is also updated on a weekly basis and can be found under Global Dairy Commodity Prices displayed on your Vesper dashboard. The sources for each country can be found under the Help & Support tab. Under ‘Global Dairy Commodity Prices’, you can also find the monthly final settlement of dairy futures prices. These are displayed for the CME, NZX, and EEX and are shown in the original price unit and currency the futures are traded in. If you are interested in realtime dairy futures prices, you can always visit our futures page.


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