By utilising Vesper's Forward Vesper Price Index, Oleofinos increases its negotiation power and lowers its purchasing costs.

“I compare my purchasing budget with the latest prices displayed in the Forward VPI to make the best hedging decisions.”

Interview with Ricardo Arellano, Risk Manager at Oleofinos

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How Dairy Farmers of America uses Vesper’s import/export widget to keep track of global trade lanes

“Vesper gives us a better perspective on the EU and Oceania and fills in any gaps we might have. It really changed the marketplace by providing a one-stop-shop hub of information.”

Interview with Dale Mills Jr., vice president of sales at Dairy Farmers of America.

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How Grupo Entrepinares gained a 360-view of the dairy market

“Vesper allows us to connect with key players in the dairy industry.”

Interview with Juan Bouzas, Grupo Entrepinares’ Director of Food Ingredients

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How Uno Nutrition increases their negotiation power amid global turmoil

“With the way dairy prices fluctuate, understanding the data and making smart decisions has become tricky. By providing transparent data, Vesper helps me improve my negotiation skills and increase our company’s margins.”

Interview with Kiruba Tinakararajan, Uno Nutrition’s Business Development Manager.

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"I believe Vesper can bring transparency to what has historically been a very opaque market."

In 2021, Vesper started a collaboration with Marex Solutions, a division of Marex Financial and is Marex’s hedging and investment solutions arm. Lucian Gladstone who covers the Dairy market will tell you more about Marex in this case study and about the importance of price risk management.

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"The dairy market is very gut-driven, and Vesper allows me to back my instincts with facts"

Kristian Kabel is Head of Sales at Lactoprot Germany. Lactoprot’s main focus is on processing milk and whey, and they have become one of the world's leading manufacturers of caseinates.

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"Vesper is an excellent benchmark for buyers to double-check whether the quotes they get represent the market"

Yue Li is Market Intelligence Manager at Danone's Milk and Dairy Ingredients department. Danone is a world-leading food company built on four business lines: Essential Dairy and Plant-Based Products, Early Life Nutrition, Medical Nutrition and Waters.

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"Accurate information and price transparency will push the market in the right direction"

Geoffrey Paulus is Sales Director at Solarec, a subsidiary of the "Laiterie des Ardennes" cooperative, that processes and sells more than 900 million litres of milk each year. Once the milk is collected from the farmers, Solarec transforms the milk following procedures that meet the highest quality standards and distributes the products all over the world.

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"With Vesper as a reliable source of information, we are able to challenge prices and reduce costs"

Jean Claude Hakizimana is a Sourcing Analyst at Africa Improved Foods, a food manufacturing company based in Rwanda. Africa Improved Foods is a social enterprise and embedded in its business model is a comprehensive strategy to reduce poverty, create jobs and address stunting and malnutrition.

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"I especially like the notifications from the Vesper app, which lets you know when there is new data available"

Tim Pilon is Global Head of Derivatives trading at Numidia, Netherlands. Numidia sells, markets and distributes standard and tailor-made dairy products and related ingredients to more than 100 countries worldwide.

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"Vesper definitely helps us to build upon our strategy and buying policies"

Jan Bert Banga has over 12 years of experience within the Dairy Industry and now works as a Regional Strategic Buyer at Nestlé, Switzerland. Nestlé’s portfolio covers almost every food and beverage category making it world's largest food & beverage company.

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"It's interactive, the numbers are there, they're exactly what I want to read on a daily basis"

Andrew Egan is Commercial Director at Kerry – a world leader in taste and nutrition for the food and beverage industry with operations in more than 150 sites across six continents.

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"For our sales team Vesper helps us with preparation for negotiations, and understanding the market"

Huey Van Vliet is a Sales Manager for Fonterra in the Netherlands. With a large team of employees spread across the globe, staying on top of market trends is vital for strategy and decision-making.

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"Vesper brings more efficiency to the way we’re working"

Pieter works for Hoogwegt International as a Senior Dairy Trader. He has been with Hoogwegt International for 15 years, and has been involved in the dairy industry for more than 25 years in total.

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