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Vesper expands into the Middle East

Vesper is setting foot in one of the world’s biggest commodity hubs by opening its first Dubai office. Pim Lemmen, General Manager MEA, puts to use his knowledge and network to transform this unique market.

The commodity industry doesn’t know any frontiers. Yet, being close to the market in today's economy remains crucial. The Middle East, specifically the UAE and Saudi Arabia, represents an area of exponential growth for the sector and Vesper. Ideally located—it is equidistant from Europe, Asia, and Africa—this new Dubai office will bring Vesper closer to its stakeholders and (future) clients from the Middle East and neighbouring areas.

Whilst the Middle East region is primarily known for its large oil and gas production, it has diversified to become an agricultural commodity hub in the last decades. Dairy, one of Vesper’s areas of expertise, experiences constant growth in the region. “With dairy consumption expected to grow even further in the Middle East, Dubai is a stable area for traditional industry players,” comments Pim Lemmen, General Manager MEA, who leads this expansion into the Middle East.

“There is a continuous demand for Vesper in the Middle East.”

Besides consumption trends, the Middle East has a unique business approach, as trust sits at the core of any commercial relationship. Professionals from the agricultural commodities industry extensively rely on market intel from connections they have built over the years to back financial decisions.

With its up-to-date and reliable data, a platform like Vesper could change the face of the market, as Pim Lemmen believes. “Vesper understands how players work nowadays. Take the mobile app: the latest data are at your fingertips. I worked as a trader for many years, and I know how crucial it is to get this information before boarding your plane, hours away from an important meeting. Vesper brings transparency to their clients and makes data more accessible.”

Yet, the need for personal relationships remains at the heart of Vesper’s strategy. Having an expert on-site who understands the local market trends and subtleties is of utmost importance. Vesper’s extensive network, also known as The Vesper Community, will enable Middle Eastern professionals to quickly get in touch with the correct player in the Food and Beverage industry.

About Vesper

Vesper,, is an independent commodity intelligence platform that saves users hours of time looking for information and provides all relevant insights and data in one consolidated and personalised overview. Next to its proprietary Vesper Price Index, the platform offers price and stock calculations, real-time futures and the most accurate forecast in the market with 90%+ probability using AI and machine learning.