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Vesper gathers and analyses data from over a hundred paid and free resources, as well as proprietary data sources. From import and export to supply and demand, we cover production, consumption, weather and more.

Everything is collected in our user friendly platform and gives you 24/7 access to live forecasting, market updates, prices, analytics and knowledge.

Whether you are working on your laptop or phone, Vesper is always on your side to give you the best data.

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Personalize your dashboard with custom workspaces


Your dashboard is a user-friendly hub of information, providing real-time data ranging from pricing and production to import/export, supply/demand and stock levels. Custom notifications help you to stay ahead of the game with the latest data and market movements.

Tell us what you need and we do the math


Your calculation page is an easy to understand straight forward calculator. Use our pre-set formulas with production costs integrated to easily understand pricing models in the market.

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Real-time view of the EEX and NZX Futures


Vesper gives you a simplified and digestible representation of each stock exchange.

Let the tech take the guess work out of forecasting


Using leading data science with artificial intelligence, complement your traditional forecasts with an informed tech approach.

Valuable insights & news into local and global market trends


Find the complexity of commodity trading simplified into informative market analysis reports to stay in the know, anywhere, anytime.

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  • Germany

    DMK cut shareholding in Fude+Serrahn

    DMK Group intend to reduce their majority (51%) shareholdings, held by DMK Deutsches Milchkontor, in two units of Fude+Serrahn.

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  • UK

    Volac reorganise after ending JV

    Volac reported turnover for calendar 2020 down 9% at £236.2m and operating profits down 7% at £7.6m.

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  • Ireland

    Ornua PPI up 3.1%

    The Ornua Purchase Price Index for September was 121.8, which converts to 36.6c/litre, including VAT, based on Ornua’s product purchase mix and assuming member co-ops.

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